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Carbon Neutrality through Integration of Technologies


Message from the Director

Environmental issues are a common concern of mankind. I hope our research will make the impossible possible.


About Us

About Us

The Global Zero Emission Research Center (GZR) was established in January 2020 in line with the Japanese government’s “Environment Innovation Strategy,” which aims to reduce domestic as well as global greenhouse gas emissions. Connecting G20 researchers, GZR provides an important platform that attracts domestic and international insights about cutting-edge research and development.

Our research at GZR involves technological integration utilizing technologies developed in such fields as energy devices, hydrogen energy carriers, carbon recycling, and technology assessment. Among the first in the world, we create innovations that solve social issues and strengthen economic growth and industrial competitiveness.

We work with industry and academia. We are eager to promote collaboration both globally and domestically. One of our collaborations is realized through “Research and Development 20 for Clean Energy Technologies (RD20),” which is an international conference attended by leaders of G20 members in clean energy research and technology. GZR serves as its secretariat. We are also active at the Tokyo Zero-emission Innovation Bay, which is a council that aims to develop the Tokyo Bay area into an innovation zone for zero emission technologies. GZR also serves as its secretariat. 



Research Teams

Ten research teams in GZR
realize a zero emission society

GZR is advancing the research and development of technologies necessary for a zero emission society. Ten research teams develop technologies such as CO2-free electricity, CO2-free fuel, and CO2 recycling. We are engaged in research on zero emission social system design and evaluation methods such as resource recycling and environmental / social evaluation.

Personnel (As of JUN. 01, 2024)

Researchers and administrative employees144
Contract employees90

Main Bases

Main Research Equipment Collaboration for Global Solutions

We conduct international joint research projects with overseas research institutes that carry out zero emission research activities.
We strengthen international collaborations through RD20 and other efforts.