NZTC report “Closing the Gap: A Global Perspective” in collaboration with AIST-GZR


Report Identifies Five International Collaboration Actions To Transform Hydrocarbon Basins For Net Zero

November 11, 2022

  • Global technology gaps and innovation priorities identified to drive the transition of hydrocarbon basins to an integrated net zero energy future.
  • International collaboration on technology innovation will accelerate the global path to net zero.
  • Priority actions provide clear next steps to accelerate international technology development.
  • The findings and priorities will be presented at COP 27 during Energy Day on 15th November

A report published on November 10, 2022 by the Net Zero Technology Centre identifies global innovation priorities across traditional hydrocarbon basins, including blue and green hydrogen, offshore wind, oil and gas electrification, carbon capture and storage, and digital transformation technologies to achieve the Paris Agreement emissions targets and create integrated net zero energy systems.

Initiated at COP26, Closing the Gap: A Global Perspective was contributed to by twelve technology and research organisations from Japan (AIST-GZR: Drs. KUDOH Yuki and TAKAGI Hideyuki), Egypt, Netherlands, USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and the UK, providing a truly global perspective on the energy transition and the journey to creating integrated energy systems.

The report prioritises five international collaboration actions to accelerate technology innovation and deployment internationally and achieve net zero as quickly, efficiently and affordably as possible:

  1. Hydrogen innovation at the pace and scale needed requires more collaboration, testing, and demonstration facilities.
  2. Carbon Capture cost reduction will be achieved through the development of novel materials.
  3. Floating offshore wind can be boosted by collaboration on innovative and standardised modular substructures.
  4. Internationally aligned grid connection and transmission infrastructure will improve energy security.
  5. Shared industry data trust can unlock rapid development and adoption of new net zero solutions to decarbonise industries globally.


Closing the Gap: A Global Perspective (Net Zero Technology Centre)