Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Team

Morimoto, S.; Kitagawa, N.; Benesebaa, F.; Kumar, A.; Kataoka, S.; Taniguchi, S., Scenario assessment of introducing carbon utilization and carbon removal technologies considering future technological transition based on renewable energy and direct air capture, J. Clean Prod. 2023, 402, 136763, 10.1016/j.jclepro.2023.136763
Published MAR 16 2023
Pasan Dunuwila; Ko Hamada; Kentaro Takeyama; Daryna Panasiuk; Takeo Hoshino; Shinichiro Morimoto; Kiyotaka Tahara; Ichiro Daigo, Influence of Different Allocation Methods for Recycling and Dynamic Inventory on CO2 Savings and Payback Times of Light-Weighted Vehicles Computed under Product- and Fleet-Based Analyses: A Case of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles, Sustainability 2021, 13(24), 13935, 10.3390/su132413935
Published DEC 16 2021