Fundamentals of Ionic Devices Research Team

Sassone, G.; Celikbilek, O.; Hubert, M.; Develos-Bagarinao, K.; David, T.; Guetaz, L.; Martin, I.; Villanova, J.; Benayad, A.; Rorato, L.; Vulliet, J.; Morel, B.; Leon, A.; Laurencin, J., Effect of the operating temperature on the degradation of solid oxide electrolysis cells, J. Power Sources 2024, 605, 234541, 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2024.234541
Published APR 17 2024
Katherine Develos-Bagarinao, Toshiaki Yamaguchi, Haruo Kishimoto, Elucidating the performance benefits enabled by YSZ/Ni-YSZ bilayer thin films in a porous anode-supported cell architecture, Nanoscale 2023, 15, 11569-11581, 10.1039/D3NR01604H
Published JUN 26 2023
Giuseppe Sassone, Ozden Celikbilek, Maxime Hubert, Katherine Develos-Bagarinao, Thomas David, Laure Guetaz, Isabelle Martin, Julie Villanova, Lea Rorato, Bertrand Morel, Aline Leon, Jerome Laurencin, Advanced Nanoscale Characterizations of Solid Oxide Cell Electrodes , ECS Trans. 2023, 111 (6), 885-898, 10.1149/11106.0885ecst
Published MAY 28 2023