Resource Circulation Technology Research Team

Uchino, S; Narita, H; Kita, K; Suzuki, H; Matsumura, T; Naganawa, H; Sakaguchi, K; Ohto, K, Extraction Properties of Trivalent Rare Earth Ions from Nitric Acid Using a Triamide-Amine Extractant, Solvent Extr. Res. Dev.-Jpn. 2023, 30, 39-46, 10.15261/serdj.30.39
Published MAR 23 2023
Akutsu-Suyama, K.; Yamada, N.L.; Ueda, Y.; Motokawa, R.; Narita, H., New Design of a Sample Cell for Neutron Reflectometry in Liquid-Liquid Systems and Its Application for Studying Structures at Air–Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Interfaces, Appl. Sci. 2022, 12(3), 1215, 10.3390/app12031215
Published JAN 24 2022